Friday, September 23, 2011

Next week Berger Excavating will continue to remove debris from the site, grade the parkways and place topsoil. The landscaping contractor is expected to begin final grading and sod placement next week, also. Additionally, Berger Excavating will be prepping driveways for asphalt pavement. When restoration work is complete the final layer of asphalt will be placed to complete the project.

As a reminder, it is the Village of Glenview’s policy Glenview to only replace asphalt or concrete driveways. The residents are responsible for the replacement any other types of driveways, including brick, stamped or exposed aggregate concrete, colored gravel and others. Our contractors do not have the expertise or materials to repair all of the different kinds of other driveway. If you don’t mind not having the bricks replaced we could place asphalt in the area where the bricks were removed. We have done this for some residents on other past projects and it seems to work well. If not, then I suggest waiting until street paving is complete before you have the bricks replaced. That way the bricks will match the road elevation. If you wish to have the asphalt placed instead of the bricks please notify Robert Steele, Capital Projects Department, as soon as possible by phone at (847) 486-5636, or email,
Thank you for your patience during this project. Feel free to contact the Capital Projects Department at (847) 486-5636 if you have any questions or concerns.

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